The Halny wind and its mysteries

“Wiatr halny” by Stanisław Witkiewicz (1851-1915), in the collection of Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie /

Even though not particularly high in comparison to other more well-known mountain ranges, the Tatra Mountains located in southern Poland are strongly affected by the local climate, and therefore can be extremely dangerous to those who’d underestimate their size or their nature. It’s usually advised to avoid trekking or hiking during the days when the wind called halny is blowing.

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Growing trend: handpainted wedding dresses inspired by folklore of Polish highlanders

Poland: handpainted weddng dress from the region of Podhale
Wedding of Polish ski jumper Klemens Murańka who comes from the region of Podhale. His wife Agnieszka wore a dress handpainted by artist Anna Maryniarczyk-Kubińska.

This is not a new trend, but something that’s been growing for many past decades and reached its peak in the recent years, with folklore traditions making a significant comeback into Polish culture. The trend has its roots in the region of Podhale, where a lot of local brides are wearing dresses with handpainted patterns.

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