Personal notice


Always stay in touch with your gut feelings and nurture what you believe in

Half of an explanation why I haven’t been active much during the recent weeks/months :)

From what some of you know or have noticed by the infrequent posting and delayed replies (for which I’m extremely sorry!), personal and work life sadly took me over in the recent months. Don’t worry, I plan to continue writing and blogging no matter what. I have a few sketches here just waiting for a bit of my free time to dust off and finish before publishing, and my book script draft keeps screaming for attention. However, I might be sadly too busy at least until the end of 2019 to dedicate “Lamus Dworski” as much time as I wish I could. I try to peak here and check my lamus-mailbox as often as I could to answer your messages and questions (don’t ever hesitate to send them, as they always remind me how important this project is and what amazing audience it meets), and I hope you can forgive me for making you wait too long for my replies in some cases.

Cheers to you all ♥

18 thoughts on “Personal notice

  1. So, today it has been exactly one year since your last post. Hopefully, we will see more posts from you somewhere in future.
    Wish you well.


  2. Hello! I have read so many of your articles. This project is so incredibly wonderful and so important. I share your work with lots of other people too. I do hope you write a book soon. I am sure there would be lots of folks in the US with Polish and Slavic roots who would love to learn more about the pre-Christian traditions. Thank you so much!


  3. Cieszę się ze znalazłam twój blog! Ja urodziłam się w USA ale moja cała rodzina mieszka w Polsce i uwielbiam folklor. Pisze do ciebie po Polsku bo praktykuje mój język Polski. Dzękuje!


  4. I just discovered your site and am so excited! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to reconnect with my Polish roots and learn more about the culture of my ancestors. I can’t wait to read more! Thank you!

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  5. Don’t worry about us, we will wait. Sometimes you need to step back and take care of you and yours. Hope it gets better for you. Take care and focus on what you need to do. God bless!

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